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It was a sure decision to choose Social Post Print. Everyone loved being able to take home a photo of you with a super cool layout of the newlyweds. Because it was a magic mirror, before the wedding there were a lot of people saying that the photos were not going to look good, the resolution was not good, I was super apprehensive, but they were very patient, explained everything to me and reassured me that it would not happen. The result? Perfect photos without any defects. I highly recommend it. In habitant est rhoncus molestie tristique et ingestions eleifend elit mauris pasta tempus nulla elementum, faucibus pretium nibh vitae ultricies eleifend.

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Pablo was amazing with us, he was always available, he was very attentive and he provided us with a quality service. And what about this photo booth? I confess that at first I didn’t expect it to be so much fun, but it surprised everyone! We laughed a lot with the pictures, boomerangs and gifs kkkk. We couldn’t have

Foto Lembrança para Eventos em Florianópolis


I highly recommend your work, always attentive, on time and in addition you dream together with each client and that makes all the difference. Thank you for always taking care of each dream with great love and professionalism. Scelerisque dignissim always augue eget turpis dolor, a, mauris lacus arcu dictumst dolor aliquet faucibus suspend dolor lobortis faucibus


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